Darice Johnston Brown coaches entrepreneurs to heightened success by supporting them to “LIVE new habits of working, thinking and BE-ing.” 

Darice is soulfully committed to the integrative transformation of her clients' businesses and lives.   Her signature coaching methodology reaches well beyond the realm of "traditional".  Her discovery technique eliminates stuckness and brings immediate clarity.  Her unique process establishes an organic blueprint for inspired action. Through the practical application of universal principles into their daily lives, her clients experience heightened energy, creativity, effectiveness and transformative results.

Darice is the creator of the real estate sales efficiency training series, Efficiency by Design. Launched in 2005, Efficiency by Design helps real estate professionals  powerfully  develop their key sales-success habits through the creation, integration and consistent  execution of simple efficiency processes. The class series establishes a strong and highly personalized infrastructure to support exponential growth. The golden thread of universal life-principles Darice weaves into this series makes it truly distinctive and transformational. 

Darice is the lead author of the book, "Unlocked: Revealing the Eight Secrets of Highly Efficient Sales Professionals" (Published 2010). The book features Darice's key efficiency concepts and systems and reveals the startling differences in income between those who implement the habits, concepts and structure that Darice teaches and those who don’t. "Unlocked" has become a keystone book in real estate training and has served as a companion book to many real estate sales training systems. 

Darice cherishes her role as a mother, grandmother and wife.  She has established her home in Colorado.


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