​​Streamline & Energize
​"The Efficiency by Design program was truly a valuable tool to energize and streamline my business, and life, heading into the New Year. Darice's cooperative approach to education and coaching is so refreshing and easy to implement. By far the most rewarding class I have been a part of in years."
Justin K. - REALTOR

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Abundance & Possibility

"I started coaching with Darice about 8 months ago. My first appointment with her was right after I had made a very high, unrealistic to me, goal. When I told her, her response was "that's it?" Immediately putting me at ease, knowing that she believed in me and what I was set out to do. I started with monthly appointments with, but quickly realized that every time I would leave a call with her, my production would spike. So I decided that weekly phone calls was the way to go. Getting to talk with her every week is the fresh perspective I need to accomplish what I want. She is extremely easy to talk to and can understand what you are trying to say, even when you don't know! Through these months, I haven't just met my annual goal... I've crushed it. I'm so grateful for the time she has spent with me and I look forward to continuing our relationship."

Natalie O.  - REALTOR ​

Intentional Creativity

"Quite frankly, this profound information would benefit professionals in any industry with no limit on their level of success and it can be applied to any aspect of your life. Darice designed the tools and showed us how to apply them into our daily real estate practice. She taught us how successful professionals create their successful career actively, instead of creating it passively (waiting for their career to happen). She showed us how to actively direct, guide and participate in achieving a professional, successful career; instead of passively existing in it.  I have been putting the systems and tools into place and have already seen the positive effects in my business. It just feels right!!!"

Shelly C.   - REALTOR

Integration & Joy

"Darice - I just wanted to thank you-again!  Your Efficiency By Design classes were just what I needed to get my work and thus, my life back on track! Each class was valuable and I always took away things that I could implement right away or as soon as I had time. I look forward to any follow up classes that might be coming our way. I actually looked forward to our Monday mornings because I knew ( 1) we would be laughing- a lot! (2) I would come away with items/ideas of value. (3) If I was overwhelmed with the info presented, I knew you were only a phone call/email away to help."

​Patsy B.  - REALTOR

Learning Inspires.  Integration Transforms.

Focus & Productivity

"Participating in the Efficiency By Design program with Darice has given me incredible insight on how to be more focused on work to produce better results in a shorter amount of time. And now when I am not working I am more focused on my personal life. I have been in the business of real estate sales for many years and am now better prepared to get to a higher level of production in my career and have more quality time with friends and family." 

Stock J.  - REALTOR

Experience the Coaching that's Changing Brokers Lives

Wealth & Balance
"My "Fantastic Four" Colorado Real Estate Business Gurus are Scott Nordby (Innovative Real Estate), Todd Campbell (Todd Campbell Coaching), Larry Kendal (Ninja Selling) and Darice Johnston (Efficiency By Design).    Thanks to these guys, I’ve made more money and have had more family time in the first 8 months of this year than any other time in my 10 year real-estate career!" 


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